Powerfull Torque from 650 Nm

-Ultra lightweight 2,3 KG ( including battery )
-Short machine 205MM
-Powerfull Torque from 650 Nm.
-No power loss and reduced heat production causing longer working time.
-Intelligent IC controller protects against overheating, overloading and overcharging.
-Easy operatable with 4 functions: high, mid, low and reverse turning (left/right)
-Extra large buttons.
-Metalhook for attaching to a belt.
-Lighting in the handle.
-Loosen bolts in the highest Torque from 1900 Rpm min-1 to 500 min-1
-Stops automatically after 5 minutes of continuous use.
-IP 54 secured.

Including 1 chargingstation and 2 batteries